Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Book on Scottish Lowland Regiments

Found at, a book on the Lowland regiments from Scotland. The book appeared in 1918, but the editor has chosen to devote the services of the regiments in the Great War to a separate volume.

A quick examination gives the impression of a well documented and detailed book. Each chapter is written by another author, so quality may differ obviously. Furthermore, a great deal of attention is paid on disbanded regiments, also for the period until 1714, which is good of course.


Paul Nixon said...

Great link, thanks for that. Is the Great War volume also available?

Wienand Drenth said...

Hello Paul,

I am afraid I can;t find anything the would match it. Perhaps it was never published at all?

I did find a publication from 1914 entitled "With the Scottish regiments at the front":

Paul Nixon said...

Thanks for looking, Wienand, and for the subsequent link you've given.