Friday, 11 June 2010

Book: Regiments and Mergers in the British Army 1907-2007

This time a short diversion to the 20th and 21st centuries. This book, titled Regiments and Mergers in the British Army 1907-2007 is written by Goff Lumly. Interestingly, the book's secondary title is A Cap Badge based Guide, the author's argument being that the cap badge
has always been an emotive and eye-catching regimental identifier.

Thus said, the book presents the mergers of regiments visualised by the respective cap badges, and not by text. All regiments and corps from 1907 are presented. Where necessary the Lumly has provided notes or some introductory text. The book starts with the cavalry, followed by the regular infantry, corps and services, yeomanry, territorial infantry. Then a separate chapter on the London Regiment, and chapters on Training Establishments and OTC and on designs of crowns and emblems.

The reproductions of the cap badges are very clear, though a few seem to be of insufficient resolution and appear a little grainy. With respect to the mergers, Lumly has provided only the year of merger, and not a full date. For such a guide this is perfectly ok.

The text given with the respective chapter is well written, and gives the reader the essential background information for guiding him of her through the web of regimental mergers and title changes.

So, overall a very nice book. The level of detail may not be that great (only years for mergers) but the author did not intend to write a lineage book. His way of dealing with mergers of regiments from a cap badge point of view is fascinating and refreshing in some sense. As a (quick) reference guide this book will be useful for both badge collectors and lineage addicts like me. Recommended.

Full book information:
Regiments and Mergers in the British Army 1907-2007 by Goff Lumly. Published by Military Library Research Service Ltd in Smalldale, England.

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