Friday, 18 June 2010

the Prince of Orange's march on London in 1688

In the September 1966 edition of the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research (this being volume XLIV, number 179) an article was published on the march of William of Orange to London. The article details the names of regiments and places where they were billeted from the day after the invasion at Brixham on 15 November (N.S.) up to and including 28 December when the army had reached London. It is based on a manuscript that had belonged to William Blathwayt (Secretary of War under Charles II, James II, William III and Anne) and was edited and annotated by the Marquess of Cambridge.

A map has been created to visualize the route followed by several regiments in the army of the Prince of Orange, as this will tell much more than thousand words. For the Garde du Corps and the Gardes te Voet the complete route is given from the invasion beach near Brixham to London. The route of the Garde Dragonders is picked up mid December, when the army passed Salisbury. Finally, the stations of the Scots Brigade are added for the last week.

Please contact the author for a pdf version of the map.

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