Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Running the Staatse Leger

While on the topic of administration and logistics, I have created a chart for the Dutch Army, Het Staatse Leger showing some matters related to administration and control. At the top of the hierarchy is the Staten-General, shortly followed by the provinces. The Raad van State administered the artillery and engineers, whereas horse and foot were administered by the provinces (cf. the three different establishments that made up the British Army). Deputies and field-deputies were appointed to represent the Raad van State in the field, and see whether resolutions etc were carried out properly. Subsistence and transport were done by civilian contractors, though it was the field-deputies task to ensure that bread was delivered in time, that the quality of the bread was good, that magazines were filled, that the horses and wagons used for transport were of good quality, etc etc.

I feel that I have missed some parts, and that I may have misunderstood other parts. So I welcome comments and additions for improvement and discussion.


Motorway said...

Boven het grafiekje staat Raad van State maar in de tekst staat Staten-Generaal..wat is het nu?

Kleding en wapens ging via het regiment, net als onderdak. Ik denk dat de contracten voor kleding etc ook provinciaal werden geregeld om weer geld terug te krijgen. Ik heb hiervan 1 voorbeeld gevonden uit Holland en ik moet dit nog es nakijken in Groningen.

Wienand Drenth said...

Dat moet natuurlijk Raad van State zijn, is inmiddels gecorrigeerd.

De geldstromen moet ik er nog eens inzetten inderdaad.