Monday, 16 November 2009

Some news about the lineage book

It has been a long time since I last posted something. Though, I have certainly not stayed idle. On the contrary!

Though the lineage book is still far from finished, and I doubt whether it will ever be, I have practiced a lot with formatting and layouting. After the, first, initial step into Corel Ventura, I have decided to put everything into OpenOffice. This worked very fine, and the mechanism in OO to have separate documents glued together into a large document works remarkably well. Also cross-referencing seemed to be ok, and I even managed to introduce macros.

However, there were still some issues I didn't like:
1. First the project with 1500+ pages tended to become a little heavy for OO
2. Managing the layout of various parts proved to be a little tricky in my opinion (or just due to lack of experience)

So, I opted to go back to from where I started: LaTeX. Though I have not yet reached the 1500+ border, I trust that LaTeX is capable of handling this. (My biggest worry is what a pdf reader like acroread is going to do with it ...)

In LaTeX I have the benefits of:
1. separate documents for specific subjects merged into a meta-document
2. typing text is just like programming, so using macros is similar to writing a function
3. partly because of this "programming" like style, changing layout is fairly easy

A drawback of LaTeX may be that it is not widely used by non-science community.

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