Monday, 16 November 2009

The Restoration Army -- preliminaries

Thus, the new project was born and moving around existing material gave me quickly a substantial number of pages. But, was that what I wanted? In the previous inception the lineage book I took the present day regiments as basis, and derived everything from there. So, 17th century regiments that existed for a short period were hidden in somewhere in a chapter covering all such regiments.

However, in the scope of the army of the Restoration, these regiments played a far more important role and should be dealt with as such! Also the whole concept of separate establishments for England, Scotland and Ireland would be lacking in the first try, it would be mentioned of course, which would render the second try incomplete.

Looking at these issues the project is subdivided into chapters which cover the Household Cavalry, the cavalry, the guards and the infantry. Each chapter is sub-divided into three section covering the three establishments. A separate chapter listing the regimental colonels should ease finding the correct regiment.

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