Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dutch regiments in English service: Foot

After the post on the various regiments of Dutch Guards in English service, the foot regiments will be considered next.

Thee regiments of foot were placed onto the English Establishment between 1 January 1689 and 31 December 1697. Like most English regiments, they were known by the names of their colonels and were the usual one-battalion regiments.

Regiment Brandenburg
Raised 1 January 1673 and maintained by Holland. Colonel: Albrecht Frederik, Prince of Brandenburg since 16 June 1687.

Regiment Nassau - Saarbrücken
Raised 22 December 1664 and maintained by Zeeland. Colonels: Walrad, Count of Nassau - Saarbrücken, since 1 December 1680, until 6 August 1701 when Reinier Vincent van der Beke became colonel.

Regiment Carlson
Raised 28 April 1672 and maintained by Overijssel. Colonels:
Gustaaf Carlson, Count of Bornig 24 June 1683
Hans Wolf van Groben 1689? -- his name appears in the Army Estimates until 1693
Lodewijk Frederik van Auer 1693? -- mentioned first in the Army Estimates for the year 1694
Ernst Lodewijk van Wilcke 5 Nov 1695

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