Saturday, 2 January 2010

Marine regiments -- converted foot

Besides the regiment of the Anglo - Dutch Brigade that was converted to marines, there were two other regiments of foot that saw conversion into marines in 1698. Like for Seymour's Regiment, this was probably an attempt to save them from disbandment by placing them on the Naval Establishment. And like Seymour's, these two were also disbanded on 20 May 1699. These regiments were those of Edward Dutton Colt and Henry Mordaunt.

The first was formed 10 March 1688 under James II and was chiefly officered by those that had left the British regiments in service of the Dutch United - Provinces and was commanded by John Hales. He was succeeded on 26 September 1692 by Robert Goodwyn, and Colt became colonel on 31 October 1693.

The second regiment was formed 10 November 1688 and was one of the embryonic English regiments that was part of William of Orange's invasion force. Viscount Mordaunt was the first colonel of the regiment. He was succeeded 25 April 1694 by his younger brother Henry or Harry Mordaunt. Though his regiment was disbanded in 1699, Henry Mordaunt became colonel of a newly raised regiment of marines in 1702. He would remain colonel until the regiment was disbanded in July 1713.

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