Tuesday, 26 January 2010

German regiments in English service - II

In the previous article on German regiments in English service during the Nine Years' War, it has been explained this was new for England. In wars to come, England, and later Great Britain, would make even more use of mercenaries.

As said, four regiments horse and four regiments of foot from Hanover were in English pay, i.e., on the English Establishment, between 1694 and the end of the war in 1697. As was custom with other countires, regiments were known by the names of the colonel. The regiments were:

Regiment Cavallerie von Ohr. Succeeded in 1697 by graf von Royelles
Regiment Cavallerie von Montigny
Regiment Cavallerie von Türck
Regiment Cavallerie von der Schulenberg
The latter three regiments were disbanded in 1697.

1. Garde Bataillon. The Hanoverian Garde zu Fuß consisted of two battalion, the first being in English pay
Regiment Infanterie von Gohr
Regiment Infanterie Graf von Löwenhaupt. Succeeded by Hülsen von Treuenfels in 1695
Regiment Infanterie Chevalier des Cinqvilles. This regiment was disbanded in 1697

It is unfortunate that no information is available regarding the Brunswick - Wolfenbüttel regiments, nor on the Saxe - Gotha regiments of 1692. If any of the readers does know more, the author would be grateful for any bit of information.

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