Thursday, 17 November 2011

Campement de L'Armee de Sa Maiesté Le Roy de La Grande Bretagne A Houndslaucheats

While on army summer camps, the Wilhelmshöher Kriegskarten at the Marburg Digital Archives contains a nice print of the army at Hounslow Heath in the summer of 1687. The title is in French. The original appears to be huge: 2.5 meters by 71 centimeters! Now, that would make a nice decoration in ones office!

Details on the regiments will be for a future post, and let several screenshots be sufficient for now. Above one sees the complete print. Two regiments of horse are shown below. On the left the future 3rd Dragoon Guards, and on the right The Princess Anne of Denmark's Regiment of Horse. This regiment was decimated at Steenkerke in 1692 and disbanded afterward.

Some foot: a battalion of Guards.

And the epicenter of the camp: the King's quarters. 


Rampjaar said...

Nice!! I have ordered from the DAM before and a hi res version would be very nice indeed.

Wienand Drenth said...

Perhaps it will sell well as wallpaper ...

Anyway, I have looked at the DAM website, but could not find something related to ordering reproductions. Only a contact form for the chief of the archive. How did you order it? And were they expensive?

Rampjaar said...

I'll check it out..but IIRC it was very cheap and I got a nice cd from Germany with immense sized pics very quick.