Thursday, 23 June 2011

Irish Guards ~~ some corrections and additions

In an earlier post on the Irish Guards of the Stuarts, I wrote that the regiment consisted in 1688 of two battalions. This is, probably, not correct.

The Calendar of State Papers Domestic : James II, 1687-89 state for 25 September 1688 that
The King to the Earl of Tyrconnell, Lord Deputy of Ireland. Warrant to give orders to one battalion of the regiment of guards, Col. Butler's Regiment of Dragoons, Lord Forbes's Regiment of Foot and one other regiment of foot to march immediately to the seaside and embark for Chester or Liverpool; and to provide ships and other vessels necessary to transport them with all diligence and speed possible.

seems to indicate the strength of the Irish foot guards allowed the formation of more than one battalion from the regiment. However, those same Calendar of State Papers give information regarding commissions, and raising of new units, as well. And looking at those, how scanty they are, no evidence can be found that the foot guards in Ireland ever consisted of more than 13 companies (one King's company, 11 other companies and a company of grenadiers).

Finally the list of officers in the regiment on 7 March 1685, when they received fresh commissions from James II:
Capt. Oliver Long, captain of the King's company; Francis Jordan, lieutenant; Arthur Ussher, ensign;
Earl of Arran, colonel and captain; Sir John Dillon, captain lieutenant; Thomas Stanley, ensign;
Sir Charles Feilding, lieut.colonel and captain; William Gilbert, lieutenant; Roger Feilding, ensign;
Major Rupert Billingsley, major and captain; George Stockton, lieutenant; Charles Povey, ensign;
Capt. Rich. Farley, captain; John Farley, lieutenant; John Caulfield, ensign;
Capt. John Baskervile, captain; Joseph Stopford, lieutenant; Robert Margettson, ensign;
Capt. John Margettson, captain; John Bucknall, lieutenant; Edward Wybrantz, ensign;
Capt. Richard Morris, captain; Thomas Kitson, lieutenant; William Moore, ensign;
Capt. Edward Forth, captain; Henry Pagett, lieutenant; William Flower, ensign;
Capt. Nicholas Sankey, captain; Edward Wolfe, lieutenant; Gustavus Fleetwood, ensign;
Capt. Thomas Flower, captain; Charles Beverly, lieutenant; George Withers, ensign;
Capt. Robert Forbes, captain; Robert Poyntz, lieutenant; James Buck, ensign.
Company of grenadiers: Capt. Francis Chantrell, captain; William Norwood, Bernhard Tessin, lieutenants.

A list of the regiment in the second half of 1688 will be posted in the near future.

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