Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Prussian troops in Anglo-Dutch pay 1709

Here a list of Prussian troops that were (partially) in pay of the Maritime Powers in 1709. We see the original corps of 1702, the Alte Korps of 1706, for which the Maritime Powers provided subsistence (i.e. bread and fodder, consuming large parts of annual budgets), and the Neues Korps that was in pay of the Maritime Powers from 1709 on, similar to the 1702 corps.

The list is taken from the work Die alte Armee von 1655 bis 1740 written by Curt Jany and part of the larger series Urkundliche Beiträge und Forschungen zur Geschichte des Preußischen Heeres published in the early 1900s.It can be found at the reknown archive.org!


Big Andy said...

Excellent stuff this blog. Full of useful info on early 18th cxentury regiemnts. All I really need is a 36 hour day to study it all !!

Wienand Drenth said...

Thank you for your kind comments Andy!

Those books by Curt Jany are really nice, and give much detail on organisation of the early Prussian army.

I forgot to add that in 1709, when some 23,000 Prussian in Flanders were paid for by the English and Dutch (or partially), that the number of English 'natural subjects' serving in Flanders was about the same.