Monday, 2 August 2010

The Holland Regiment of Foot Guards

In the historical record of the 3rd Regiment of Foot, the Holland Regiment, compiled by captain Knight in 1904 one can read about certain events surrounding the commission of the 2nd Earl of Chesterfield as colonel of the regiment. In his commission one can read that Chesterfield was to be
Colonell of our Holland Regiment of Foote Guards ...

(dated 6 November 1682).

Unfortunately, Chesterfield crossed the ego of the Duke of York (future King James II) over Chesterfield's wish to appoint the Duke of Monmouth as his successor for Chief Justice of eyre. This was not to the liking of James as he hated Monmouth. So James talked with his elder brother, King Charles II, and in late 1683 it was decided to withdraw the name guards from the regiment. According to Chesterfield under the pretext it was an error that needed to be corrected. Chesterfield wanted to resign his commission, but was promised by the king that his regiment would take precedence over the regiments of Kirke and Dumbarton (the future 2nd and 1st Regiments of Foot) that were about to return from Tangier. Again, reality (or court intrigues) turned out to be not so nice for Chesterfield as his regiment would take rank after these two regiments and the regiment of the Duke of York!

Chesterfield didn't think twice and resigned his commission, effective by 26 January 1684.

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