Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Battle of the Dunes

Fought 14 June 1658 as part of the Franco-Spanish War, with Royalists fighting in the Spanish army, and a Parliamentarian corps fighting with the French. So, probably this battle can be considered as the last battle of the English Civil War.

In the Digitales Archiv Marburg a nice copper engraving of the battle. The Spanish army is at the top, and the French army at the bottom of the engraving. The English Royalist regiments are on the Spanish right wing in the first line of battle (near 2, who is the Duke of York). Several of the Parliamentarian regiments are on the French left (F, who is Sir William Lockhart), thus facing the Royalists.

Several English regiments fought in this battle, on both sides, which would form the basis of the Restoration Army of 1660-61.



I just start to follow your blog. I think it's very interesting because it's also about the same time of the mine, the second half of XVII siecle, so under the Charles II of Spain, reign.


Wienand Drenth said...


Many thanks for your comment! Though my knowledge of Spanish is weak, your blog looks also very interesting. Fascinating period.